This about sums it up.

This just goes to show that misogyny is real. So real.



This about sums it up.

This just goes to show that misogyny is real. So real.




We try to watch films together, and it starts off well, but somehow we always end up out of sync. 

i cant tell you how much this cartoon means to me… will fix that problem :)




We try to watch films together, and it starts off well, but somehow we always end up out of sync. 

i cant tell you how much this cartoon means to me…

this will fix that problem :)

what if Discworld characters have Tumblr




I think Carrot is the type who’ll reblog those self-depreciating posts and offer words of encouragement like ‘Don’t be sad, you’re a beautiful and wonderful person with so much potential. I believe in you.’

Most of the times he reblogs violations like un-resourced art and adds a long script of offenses and punishments. He also reblogs canine creatures a lot.

Vimes doesn’t have a Tumblr but Sybil has and insists him to have one so he makes an account and instantly hates it. Calls it a mass of insanity. 

Colon reblogs food a lot. Nobby reblogs bad jokes and posts lots of images of himself. He and Colon usually post stuff that gains a thousand notes, unaware of their deep sense of humor about cactus and feet and life in general. Something like that.

Cheery reblogs fashion, gender equality and chemistry.

Reg probably posts a lot about human (?) rights and social justice. 

Nanny Ogg is everybody’s girlfriend. Her profile sparkles and glitters and has music automatically playing when you visit and her asks is always full.

Margrat is pretty much the same. Except that sometimes, she reblogs cleavers and swords.

Granny Weatherwax reblogs posts she doesn’t understand and asks deep questions about it, like ‘I see you’re enthusiastic about this public figure, but why would you die because of him/her? Is he/she worthy of your life? I don’t get it’ to challenging remarks like ‘You’re sick.’

Ponder reblogs and posts science stuff and the wonders of the universe. He’s quite popular.

All the wizards reblog food. Ridcully’s posts are all in capslock.

Leonard posts his drawings and ideas and everyone thinks he’s cool.

I don’t even want to imagine what Vetinari does if he ever had a Tumblr. Probably reblogs every post with wrong grammar and corrects it I dunno

Vetinari doesn’t exactly have a tumblr, but he has full access to Drumknott’s tumblr (which is mainly perfectly organised paperclips and assorted office stationary. And trains.) He considers it potentially useful but also occasionally double checks to make sure the HQ isn’t on some ancient temple site because things from the dungeon dimensions are bad enough without them acquiring a fandom.

Leonard’s difficulty with naming things becomes a meme.

Agnes Nitt posts music and paintings of historical nudes because body positivity and also art.

Sally has one of those impossibly cool blogs and everyone is slightly intimidated by her, but occasionally she’ll post something incredibly goofy. There are also a lot of shoes.

Angua occasionally looks over Carrot’s shoulder but she can’t quite see the point. She knows his password though so occasionally she’ll hijack it as a prank/to make sure nobody’s doing anything stupid.

Vimes and Sybil have long reblog-conversations because the askbox system is stupid. Nobody minds because they’re adorable.

Rincewind mainly reblogs natural disaster relief awareness and running shoes. Then he discovers the potato fandom.

Polly and Mal prefer twitter, but Shufti has a tumblr and occasionally collects their tweets in gut wrenching long posts about the horrors of war. These appear on her blog in  the midst of baby pictures, recipes and gender awareness activism.

William’s finally found a place to put all the humorous vegetables that come through his in-tray these days - The Official Ankh-Morpork Times tumblr. They seem to be quite well received.

Lady Margolotta runs a crafts blog. There’s lots of pink and lots of bats. She has quite a following. She’s not sure whether Vetinari has a tumblr or not but there are a couple of innocuous looking office-stationary blogs she keeps an eye on. 

Vetinari has a blog. It is literally 100% cute animal pics and videos.



My Harry Potter studies over the years. 

Please put get your name on the short list of illustrators for the next generation of editions. PLEASE.



fun fact: the reason that the plural of goose is geese but the plural of moose is not meese is because goose derives from an ancient germanic word undergoing strong declension, in the pattern of foot/feet and tooth/teeth, wherein oo is mutated to ee. however ‘moose’ is a native american word added to the english lexicon only ~400 years ago, and lacks the etymological reason to be pluralized in that way.

Oh baby.  Keep talking dirty to me.

#vowel alternation is a very interesting part of english that accounts for many seeming irregularities, #if you are interested in this subject i would recommend to you ‘the story of english’ by mccrum and macneil, #which is an excellent introduction for the layperson, #ditto ‘a history of the english language’ by baugh, #the latter is a touch denser but i feel that it has a bit more historical detail, #i read both of them before i started formally studying linguistics and was not confused so they are probably not too jargon-heavy (via bookhobbit)

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rereading fangirl because i need something familiar to listen to while i work. still have to stop in parts to physically flail from happiness.

everything is too real

"So, you don’t like the way our little fictional war came out? You don’t like Rachel dead and Tobias shattered and Jake guilt-ridden? You don’t like that one war simply led to another? Fine. Pretty soon you’ll all be of voting age, and of draft age. So when someone proposes a war, remember that even the most necessary wars, even the rare wars where the lines of good and evil are clear and clean, end with a lot of people dead, a lot of people crippled, and a lot of orphans, widows and grieving parents."
— K. A. Applegate, in response to criticism of the Animorphs ending.
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It’s fun to see this coming up for consideration again, as it’s almost exactly 27 years ago that we wrote the book, banging away on a couple of rented computers (our other computer was up at my office at DiC, where I was story editing Dinosaucers).

This review also deals with some of the politics surrounding the book’s publication. It got… a bit ugly.

Anyway, it’s all a long time ago now, and the series (much to some people’s surprise) got finished after all, with the Rihannsu universe “ringfenced” by CBS/Paramount as a sort of sanctioned AU. A happy ending, by my lights.



There’s such an important difference between

  • I’m so upset by this character’s death! I loved them so much and it was such an emotionally charged moment! I need a week to compose myself.
  • I’m so upset by this character’s death! I loved them so much and their death was utterly pointless. It was done for unnecessary shock value and the plot will definitely suffer for it. I need a week to stop fuming.
Black Hair: Care and Maintenance Resources


Anonymous said: I have a fantasy world and many of my characters are Black. I remember reading a criticism about how non-black writers writing their Black characters going to sleep without twisting their hair or taking care of it wrong. I was wondering if you could direct me of accurate resources about hair care and maintaining and creating hairstyles.

First, learn what hair type your character has, which varies the sort of maintenance and products they need by some, as well as how they’d style their hair. From there, check out some of the styling and hair care resources below.

Hair type



Hair Care

~Mod Colette

"Rincewind fought as he always fought, without skill or fairness or tactics but with a great deal of whirlwind effort. The strategy was to prevent an opponent getting enough time to realize that in fact Rincewind wasn’t a very good or strong fighter, and it often worked."
— The Light Fantastic, Terry Pratchett
jamietrosa asked: "Writing a third-gen Chinese-American, living in NYC. She's intelligent, confident, outgoing, ambitious, a little Type A, determined to have a successful business career, but also a bit romantic at heart. I'd like to know what racial stereotypes she might have to bulldoze, dodge around, or grit her teeth at, in a business or college setting - beyond the obvious "mistaking her for a Dragon Lady/submissive schoolgirl" bs. Any thoughts?"


Asian American women and stereotyping/microaggressions

I’m second-gen, but here are some you might want to consider:

  • people assuming she’s foreign (“your English is really good!” “so when did you come to the United States?”)
  • identity policing (e.g. saying she’s not really East Asian because she was raised in the US)
  • having her surname constantly messed up, either written or spoken
  • others attributing her intelligence to her race and/or calling her a “bad Asian” when she does a less-than-perfect job on something
  • being mistaken for another East Asian colleague/classmate when they look nothing alike
  • having white people (friends, colleagues, superiors) dismissing her anger at racist actions as ‘overreacting’ and telling her to get over it
  • being called “exotic” or being exoticized by potential suitors

There’s probably more, of course, but those are some I’ve had to deal with as a Chinese American lady.

—mod Jess